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Our Cashmere

Experience the warmth, softness and lightness of pure cashmere everywhere you go. Our designs elevate the natural benefits of cashmere and maximize versatility.

Fine cashmere grows in beauty and softness over time. Investing in this precious natural material is now within the reach of more people, thanks to our unique ability to design and produce finished garments within Mongolia, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality cashmere.


Cashmere & High-Quality Cashmere


Cashmere is a natural fiber that comes from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats. Cashmere goats produce this undercoat to be warm in the winter but shed them in the spring. When the fibers are processed and spun into yarns, they can be knit or woven into a luxurious material used for making garments.

Cashmere is naturally soft, warm, breathable and light. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cashmere does not trap moisture. Moreover, cashmere is much softer, lighter and more insulating than cotton or wool.   

Cashmere fibers are classified into Grades A, B and C, based on the length and width of the fibers. The longest and thinnest fibers produce the highest quality fabric. Etugen Cashmere uses Grade A cashmere in its products.

Garments made of lower quality cashmere using inferior technology are cheaper and are prone to excessive stretching and pilling.   


Mongolia is the world’s leading supplier of cashmere, supplying 40% of the world’s cashmere. Rural nomadic herders raise cashmere goats across the vast steppes of Mongolia following a thousands-year-old tradition of nomadic animal husbandry.

Mongolian cashmere goats produce the finest quality cashmere because they are raised in a unique climate characterized by hot summers and extremely cold winters. Annual temperatures range from 102°F (39°C) to -40°F (-40°C) in Mongolia. 




Cashmere is soft, warm, breathable, light and unpretentiously elegant. It is a natural fabric. Unlike synthetic fabrics, it cozies up to you and does not feel clammy. It is also biodegradable.




Cashmere yarns can be made into fabric in two different ways: woven or knit. 

Woven: multiple threads interlaced perpendicularly to one another, as can be seen in the fabric close-up photos. The Cashmere Wrap and Cashmere Scarf by Etugen are woven. 

Knit: a single thread inter-looped in a manner similar to hand-knitting. Our Cashmere Socks are knit.