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Our Story

The mission of Etugen Cashmere is to make fine Mongolian cashmere accessible to everyone.
We offer high-quality cashmere products with simple, elegant designs at a fraction of the price of comparable items.
Etugen Cashmere is a Mongolian startup brand selling its products directly to consumers, bypassing cashmere industry supply chain inefficiencies.


How We Started

Etugen Cashmere launched as a crowdfunding project on in October 2017. We hit our funding goal in less than 48 hours and thanks to the overwhelming support of our amazing backers, we launched our online store in December 2017. 


A Little Known Fact


A little-known fact: Mongolia is the world's leading producer of cashmere, supplying 40% of the world's cashmere. Mongolian cashmere goats produce the finest quality cashmere because they are raised in a unique climate characterized by hot summers and extremely cold winters. 


Unfortunately, most of Mongolia's cashmere gets exported as raw fibers instead of finished garments. That is why our mission is to make high-quality, pure cashmere garments made in Mongolia accessible to customers around the world. We do that by producing our products in Mongolia and selling them directly to customers online.


Our Philosophy


Etugen Cashmere’s definition of quality goes beyond high-quality material and workmanship. Our products are made with a natural biodegradable material, obtained cruelty-free from goats grazing freely across the vast steppes of Mongolia. They are made in a Mongolian manufacturing facility, where we know workers are treated with dignity, provided healthy working conditions and paid living wages.


Our brand name Etugen Cashmere originates from the old Mongolian expression Etügen Ekh, meaning Mother Nature. It stands for our commitment to protecting the environment and nurturing life on earth.


Love, respect and awe of Mother Nature have been integral parts of nomadic Mongolian culture for thousands of years. As a Mongolian company, we live by those values.